Wednesday 13th January 2021
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This week's In Focus Interview is with Ross Bernston of Indium Corp and is a really interesting read. Having had previous experience of infectious episodes in the form of SARS and MERS, the company was able to rapidly instill infection controls and best practices which allowed them to enhance manufacturing workplace safety while ensuring production was uninterrupted.
Ross believes that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a Black Swan - it will happen again, so it is vital that manufacturers prepare, show flexibility and remain agile to combat future disruptions.
I completely agree with Ross; unfortunately, though this pandemic was indeed a rare and catastrophic event, we had long been forewarned of a potential pandemic causing mass disruption and chaos to society, and we can only hope that moving forwards, the world will build political and societal structures so that industry and individuals will be able to better respond to mounting random events.
If we do regard Covid-19 as a one-off or extremely unlikely occurence then the risk is that we will fail to prepare for the future impact of any similar event. However, on a positive note, we look forward to 2021 being a year of recovery and a return to a new normailty now that several vaccines have been approved and are being rolled out globally.
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Feature Interview with Indium Corp – 2020: The year that industry innovated and overcame
Over the last weeks we have caught up with industry figures to discuss how leading companies have reacted to and mitigated the global Covid-19 disruption in 2020 and how they will approach 2021 with a renewed mindset.
Kirsty Hazlewood interviewed Ross Berntson - President and Chief Operating Officer, Indium Corp.
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