Wednesday 1st July 2020
Hello everyone,

Welcome to this week's WNIE newsletter.

Despite current global conditions, job appointments seem to be on the rise, with new staff announcements this week from RECOM power, VJ Electronix, and National Circuit Assembly.

Here at WNIE, we too are welcoming a new member of the team. Darren Tindal will be joining us as Sales Manager for WNIE Online.
Having previously worked in the electronics industry for around 10 years and after moving into the industrial plastics sector for a few years, Darren has been keen to return back to the electronics sector.

We are excited about welcoming Darren into the team, we feel he will be a really valuable asset and he brings with him a wealth of experience.
Finally, whilst we are unable to get out and about to source new suppliers, remember to use the WNIE industry directory and if your company isn't already listed, contact our colleague Chloe at now to find out more!
Keep safe and best regards,

Kirsty Hazlewood
Content Creator
WNIE Online
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